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It was a last minute call I got from my parents who were arriving in the noon next day to stay with me for a week. My dad had this conference to attend which was very necessary for his promotion and mom didn’t want to stay back home as I was in the same city to stay with. I was happy to hear about their arrival but the only problem was, due to my tough schedule I was not able to go to grocery and today as well I was about to get late. My friend with whom I discussed my problem recommended me Marley Spoon promo codes. She mentioned how it has been her life savior in times of distress. I took her words and ordered some grocery according to the recipe cards they mentioned on the site through mobile app while sitting in the meeting room.

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The urgency was my concern as I needed the grocery by next morning along with the quality of the items. Though it was weekend the next day but still I didn’t want to spend long hours shopping for grocery and then thinking what to cook.

I had little fear in my heart regarding the online grocery shopping as the result could be ending up with stale or not so fresh ingredients….

I went home late at night and was so tired that I slept just after changing my clothes. Next morning I woke up with a door bell and I felt annoyance as on weekend why would people disturb others. When I went to the door I saw someone not known to me standing there with a carton. I was not able to understand what was going on.

The person told me that it was the order I made at Marley spoon and the delivery was here. I was so shocked and happy to receive the order. When I opened the box I was really amazed to see the fresh ingredients and the recipe card mentioned each and every step clearly.

After having breakfast, I started cooking and that made me so joyful about the package and ingredient which were looking healthy. I was all done with the cooking which took me 30-45 min and then I took shower and got refreshed.

My parents arrived at my place at 1pm and as they came I instantly served the food, as serving it hot would make it taste more good. My mum was so happy with my cooking and appreciated me a lot and in return I appraised Marley Spoon voucher codes which helped me a lot in achieving what I was not able to do so for so long. That is healthy grocery and good cooking!

I would recommend all the untrained cooks to use this store and go for the online grocery shopping. Keep healthy and stay well.

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